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Awards &
Media Recognition

Top 100 Indie Books of 2023

Masterpiece was selected as one of the TOP 100 INDIE BOOKS OF 2023 in the December 15th edition of Kirkus Reviews Magazine. You can find Masterpiece on page 130 of the issue. Check out the issue!


Kirkus Reviews Magazine

Masterpiece was selected for and featured in the June 15th edition of Kirkus Reviews Magazine. You can find the feature on page 144 in the Indie section of the magazine. Check out the feature!


The Edmonton Journal

Alexandra's latest title was recently featured in an article in the Bookmarks column in The Edmonton Journal!

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Watch That Scene

Alexandra was recently featured on the website, Watch That Scene, which features various creatives, from authors and artists to musicians and actors. Alexandra was featured for her book, Masterpiece, as well as the initiative she launched in 2023, Global Masterpiece Day.

Kirkus Star


Masterpiece is a critically-acclaimed book, receiving a prestigious Kirkus Star! This is one of the highest honours to receive in the book industry and recognizes books of exceptional merit. 

Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient

mom's choice.png

Masterpiece is a recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award.

The Mom’s Choice Awards® (MCA) evaluates products and services created for children, families and educators.


The program is globally recognized for establishing the benchmark of excellence in family-friendly media, products and services.

Top 3 Finalist for Book of the Year!

Masterpiece officially placed as a Top 3 Finalist for BOOK OF THE YEAR, granted through The Golden Wizard Book Awards.

The judging panel is made up of qualified childcare practitioners, teachers, award-winning authors, illustrators, and professional writers with a vast amount of knowledge of the book industry. Masterpiece is one of the Top 3 finalists of all the book prize winners! 

Top 3 Finalist for The 2022 Females in Fiction Award

Masterpiece was just announced as a top 3 finalist for the 2022 Females in Fiction Award for illustrations! This award is granted through Hindi’s Libraries, a Worldwide Book Donation Non-Profit and it is truly an honour to be a finalist. This special book wouldn’t be what it is without the beautiful illustrations from Beatriz Mello. It’s so exciting that her artwork is being recognized and acknowledged.

Gold Readers’ Favorite Award

readers favorite.png

Masterpiece won a Gold Medal in the Readers' Favorite Awards in the picture book category! Check out the full 5-star review below.

Full Review:

“Masterpiece by Alexandra Hoffman is an apt title not only for the story it tells but as a word that best describes this book as a whole. Readers meet a young boy named Samuel who loves the colour blue. He sees the world in different shades of blue as evidenced by his artworks and personal stuff. One day at school, his teacher tells the class to draw a picture of themselves and their families and to be sure to add lots of colours. Of course, for Samuel, everything looks awesome in blue. Each student draws a picture showing their quality time with their family and shares it in class. When it is Samuel’s turn to share his artwork, his teacher describes it as a masterpiece. But will his classmates agree?


Masterpiece is one of those rare and inspiring books that tackle the theme of inclusion, and it is effective in handling the subject with sensitivity, compassion, and encouragement. Alexandra Hoffman gives the perfect treatment to her character, and Beatriz Mello’s solid and colourful illustrations amplify it. Hoffman doesn’t even mention that Samuel is a child with special needs, but his unique perception of the world and his use of accommodation tools are enough to give you clues. As an uncle to a special needs child, I find this story striking, personal, and human as Samuel exhibits certain characteristics that reflect my beloved nephew. It also sends a message that children without special needs should learn to become more comfortable with differences and foster more solid friendships when taught the value of inclusion. This is a highly recommended read for parents, children, teachers, civic groups, and counsellors.”

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