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Author Visits

Inspiring Students

Alexandra absolutely loves visiting schools! During her visit, she inspires students to never give up on their dreams and to know they can start being an author NOW! Alexandra loves books and it’s her goal to spread that love of books to her audience.


Alexandra is open to author visits, week-long residencies & keynotes. Please inquire with any special ideas you may have.

To schedule, please email

Author Visits

Duration: 30 - 60 minutes

(The duration depends on the grade ->

the littlest learners can sometimes struggle if a presentation is too long. Most visits are 60 minutes in length.)


Author visits are open for grades K-12. During the visit, Alexandra does a book reading for students and a Q&A session. She also reveals the real-life inspirations behind her different books, showing students that their experiences have power and can be inspirations for great stories. Alexandra will share her journey to becoming an author and will give students tips and tricks to becoming professional authors or illustrators. Author visits are catered to the grade(s) of students that Alexandra is visiting.


During a visit, Alexandra will hand-deliver signed books that are pre-ordered!  Pre-order forms will be sent to the teacher to send home with students prior to the visit, so that, if families choose, they can order a signed book written by Alexandra. 


Rates are listed at the bottom of this page.


To book, please email:

Whole School

Over a 5-days, Alexandra inspires all students in your school to write engaging stories designed to entertain readers. Throughout the week, students will learn different techniques to write a short stories, drawing on their own experiences and lives. In-class activities will inspire imagination, teach writing principles, and provide students with tools to become better writers.  Alexandra will show students different ways to approach picture prompts and will offer in-class feedback on writing. For the littlest learners, Alexandra will walk students through the basics of story-writing. Sessions for kindergarten will be modified.  During a residency, all students will have an author book signing in their classroom at one point during the week.

The Author-In-Residence Program is open to any K-9 school. 

For rates, please email:


Alexandra offers different motivational keynotes to help enhance your professional learning event! Some of the topics she speaks about are the impact of educators on the lives of students, the power of our lived experiences and stories, and the journey to follow our soul's purpose. Combining her 13 years in the classroom and her journey to become an author, Alexandra delivers poignant speeches that motivate participants and illustrate the importance of our own stories. She can also tailor a keynote to your conference’s theme.


For rates, please email:

Author Visits

1 Hour Class visit

Less than 150 Kilometres: $250 CAD

Visit 150 Km+: contact for pricing

*The maximum number of students for a class visit is 35

Half Day Visit

Less than 150 Kilometres: $350 CAD

Visit 150 Km+: contact for pricing

For a Half Day visit, you may book a maximum of 2 sessions.

*The maximum number of students for a session is 35

Full Day Visit

Less than 150 Kilometres: $600 CAD

Visit 150 Km+: contact for pricing

For a Full Day visit, you may book for a maximum of 4 sessions. 

*The maximum number of students for a session is 35

Whole School Assembly

Less than 150 Kilometres: $750 CAD

Visit 150 Km+: contact for pricing


To schedule your visit or to inquire about additional rates, please email

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